Sunday, March 3, 2013

Computer Says… Yes.

I just have time for a quick update.  I should be doing more homework, but as I sit here and think of all the things I did last week (and the things I didn't get to), I realize that I have to record some of it lest it be forgotten.

In school I have been doing some printing, experimenting with color mixing and placement of the screen.  This has not all been successful, but it is a trial phase.  I have done loads of sketches and design development with various media - paints, paper, tissue, pencils and pens. I worked for hours and finally came up with a repeat pattern for our first brief which is due tuesday.  Most exciting though, I have gone from drawing curves, to making and filling shapes, to pathfinder, to building a block repeat on Adobe Illustrator!  I am so pleased that (so far) I have not thrown up my arms and chucked my computer out the window.  I hope that I am building a strong foundation that will make the more advanced work easier.  I hope I don't hit a wall, or a cliff, or whatever nasty metaphor suits.

Shleping to and fro on the bus is difficult especially at rush hour which I am usually in the middle of both morning and evening.  The worst part is being packed in with coughing people.  So, It is no surprise that I got another cold.  This time it was just three days of no voice (really) and the week-end of coughing (lovely).  Since I wasn't feeling too badly, I went out with David on two date-type nights.  One was to see Nick Cave at the Opera House. The other was to see an experimental play at the wharf at Walsh Bay.  Nick Cave put on a great show, very theatrical and energetic.  I was mostly just impressed with myself for being out in public and still part of the scene (albeit a small part).

I was so sorry to miss the Mardi Gras parade this year.  Nicole was marching in it and she invited us to a wild after party but I was just too worn out to go after the play.  Next year for sure.

I had a sweet little breakfast date with my daughter Valerie at the new Kepos Cafe around the corner from our house.  It was fun to sit in this cozy place, listen to the rain, gab and eat delicious, healthy food.  I had granola loaded with hazelnuts and topped with stewed figs and fresh yogurt, and Val had a huge bowl of strawberries and pomegranate seeds with yogurt and mint flavored with rosewater.

Whether it is work or play, night or day, I keep my eyes and ears open.  I watch for trends and I see patterns everywhere.  I notice weird or stylish people.  I listen in on conversations (only when people are being loud).  It's entertaining and meaningful to me, and I wish I could get paid for it.