Saturday, September 15, 2012

Home and Away

Does it count as a blog if I only do it once a month?  I guess I get some consideration for the fact that I was away from home for two and a half weeks.  Home being Sydney.  I went back to my old home - the U.S.  I had a great time seeing family and friends, going out eating and drinking, shopping, and playing.  Mostly what I did, and the thing I loved best, was just talking, gabbing, joking, complaining, planning, dreaming out loud.  Living in Sydney, on the other side of the world, I really miss having friends and family around who know me and who I know so well that we don't have to start each sentence with a backstory.  We can be with each other at our best and at our worst and it is all O.K.
Sabin and his girls in Jeff and Jenni's front yard with me and Maisy

Jenni's neighborhood in West Seattle

part of the Eugene crowd in Marianne's backyard

Joel, Ted, and James in Ellen  and Ted's front yard

summer evening at University Park in Eugene

three generations of Clancy girls

In case anyone out there doesn't know, I come from a huge family, and it is getting bigger all the time.  There were heaps of little children and babies to be seen, all beautiful and sweet, talented and super intelligent (of course), (no, really, they were).  I had to squeeze a lot of catching up into a short time, which was heart wrenching and frustrating, but better than nothing.  We met in groups of varying sizes, expanding or shrinking depending on who was busy, sleepy, or free.  At parks and public places the kids ran around while the adults relaxed and chatted.  I grew up with this scattered, somewhat frenetic way of interacting, and while it can be exhausting, and distracting, I miss it.

I was able to see two of my closest friends in Eugene.  They both looked great, healthy and happy, and it was so reassuring to know that we can still hang on to that friendship, that we can pick up where we left off.

me and Paula in her living room
me and Marilyn at Mt. Pisgah
Now I am back "home."  I missed David and the girls while I was away, and I miss everyone there now that I am here.  I guess that is the price of being a global citizen with histories and friends around the world.  I can never be close to everyone.  If I had never left Michigan, I wouldn't have my friends from Santa Cruz.  If I hadn't left Eugene, I wouldn't have my friends from Flagstaff or London.  Will I make new friends here that I will miss someday?  That is yet to be seen.  Meanwhile, I will try to keep the ties to old friends and family strong.  I will try to keep visiting when it is possible, and I hope they will keep writing, skyping, and even visiting.